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My Story

Hiya!  Hope you're doing well. Here are a few things you might want to know about me.

Who am I?  My name is Theresa (with an 'h', this was critically important to my mother. Not kidding, she would correct people). I'm a wife, a mother of two, a volunteer, a carpenter (thanks for that skill Dad) and a long time DIY'er before it even became a thing. And now, a small business owner. Bucket List!

DIY: Oh yeah! And I want to emphatically state right here that my philosophy is that there are no projects that cannot be conquered, regardless of whether a website determines a project might not be for beginners. It's called a learning curve - it's a good thing! I grew up with a dad who was a bit of a MacGyver so I learned early that there's always a way and of course, there is always more than one way. On my blog, I'll show you mine, feel free to show me your projects too.

What's in my store?  Most of my products are made by me and I love them, each one. I think you will too! If I didn't make a cool item and it's here, then it is something that was too good not to share and I probably wish I had made it myself.

Where am I? I am located in the spectacular Pacific Northwest in the beautiful evergreen state of Washington. 

Why did I start this crazy idea of having an online shop?  Because I love creating fun and unique items for the home as well as turning sad or left-for-dead items into something lovely. And my husband told me I can't keep it all to myself! (Seriously, my house is only so big) And I am a firm believer in shopping in jammies - it's so much more convenient than having to get dressed and drive somewhere. Online? We are open 24/7 baby!

Okay, enough about me. 

Any questions?  Just ask! I would love to hear from you... In the meanwhile, have fun shopping and check out my latest projects on the blog.