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I Can Do That...

Cottage Northwest Rustic Vintage Welcome

WelcomeMy sister and I are the queens of shopping around, whether it be garage sales, flea markets, our favorite chain stores or little sidewalk vendors - we're there. Many DIY adventures were born of something we found or ideas were developed from looking at something wonderful we saw in our travels.  So when we were brow
sing a favorite local consignment shop and spied a super cute, five foot wooden 'Welcome' sign perfect for her porch, she was dying to have it. The only problem? The budget didn't quite match the price. She was vacillating on whether to buy it and starve her children for a few days or walk away empty handed. That's when I offered "hey don't break your wallet, I can do that!"

So I went home and put all of those power tools that had been gathering dust in my garage to work. And I did. it. It turned out differently, but even better than the expensive one she had lusted over. And she loved it. So that was pretty cool! And then the neighbors and my friends loved it, wanted one and it occurred to me that instead of finding a fun place to shop, why not just become a fun place to shop? I've always enjoyed designing and creating things; even as a little girl, I spent hours building my own Barbie Dreamhouse out of shoe boxes and paper plates. So why not? Thus the idea for COTTAGE NORTHWEST was born!

So now here we are. And here you are. And I hope you will get comfortable and stay awhile and find something you truly love. You can do that.  


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