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Thinking Outside the Pot

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Around about this time of year, after all of the Christmas greenery has been boxed and hauled out to the garage, I look around the house and get the odd feeling that something is missing. It feels a little bare around these parts. But even though I still have a number of plants scattered about, I do sometimes neglect the little darlings so they respond cruelly by curling up and dying. I seem to always take a little trip to a local nursery for 'just a few more' to maybe re-green my abode. 

Here's the thing. I don't want to spend a bunch of dollars on the fancy pots that are often still prohibitive even with a coupon. This year I decided to dig through my Monica Geller closet instead of shopping and found some inspiration. 

Isn't she lovely? This pretty silver-plated champagne bucket was a wedding gift. I love it, but we're kind of not champagne bucket folks, so it's been in the box in the back of the closet feeling quite abandoned. The finish has developed into a beautiful coppery patina and looks great with this light air fern.

After staring at that beauty I was feeling pretty plant-decor savvy so I dug a little further and found these small galvanized looking buckets I purchased a gazillion months ago from Ikea for $1.99. I wasn't crazy about the flat steel finish (which is probably why they were cast into the back of the closet) so I sprayed them with Krylon SUPERMAXX All-In-One Black Hammered color and let them dry. What a difference! But ya know, they still looked a little boring. I grabbed some twine from the drawer and used a little dab of hot glue to affix one end to the bucket. I simply wrapped it around and around until it looked 'done'. I tied a little simple twine bow on one of them and got to potting. Voila!

This whole project got me wondering what other people used instead of traditional glazed pottery. So I checked in with my good pal Pinterest and - not surprisingly - found tons of really great options. Here are just a few to inspire you! Hover over the photos for the links.

And it turns out here at Cottage Northwest there are a few pretty great options too:

Hanging Urn Planter

Flower and Garden Bins

Flowers & Gardens Bins

And lastly, if you're anything like me and need some pointers on keeping your plants from perishing due to neglect, here's a great link: How to not kill plants. The title is self-explanatory.

Happy potting!

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  • Gus on

    Lovin the repurposing and creativity. Well done!

  • Candace Baker on

    Love the wine bucket reimagined. I have several of these kinds of things just laying around and now I have to try this!!!

  • Kaylin on

    Heh heh, Monica Geller closet. I am afraid I might find something really scary if I go too far in mine.

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