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iSleepy - There's a Nap for That...

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Around the early part of the afternoon is my sleepy time. I really wonder if I would be better off living somewhere that embraces afternoon naps as an essential part of life. I feel like many people frown on the person snoozing at 2:00 in the afternoon, particularly if you are supposed to be working. Coffee has become a critical part of my diet for this very reason; I just can't nap enough. It's true; it's actual science. Look it up.

I'm pretty certain that's why Pinterest was invented.  Pinterest provides you the opportunity to look busy on your laptop or at your desk, but really what you're doing is something I like to call Pin-napping.You are looking at the pretty shiny things but really only using about 1/10 of your normal brain power output to do it. The other 90% can be off in dreamland. You barely even need more than one finger on the tab key.  Click. Click. Click. Seriously.

I actually find the whole pin-napping quite useful and effective. And do you know why? Even while you're only partially awake and perusing Pinterest, something can still manage to catch your attention, thereby waking you up and reenergizing you enough to begin planning your new Pinterest knock-off project. 

I mean I guess I could just try actually sleeping - but where would the fun be in that? 

This Pin-napping project caught my one open eye today from the crafty folks at Check it out:



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