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Tuesday's Table Thoughts

coffee table diy fixerupper french country furniture pottery barn rustic upcycle

I'm looking for some ideas on a new coffee table for our family room. Naturally, I will be building one myself. It needs to be sturdy and robust - lots of feet will wind up propped on top - but with a classic rustic design. Here are some of the ones I'm considering so far.

My first contender comes from Nina at Everyday Enchanting for Remodel-aholic and it's a terrific knock-off of a Pottery Barn table I've been lusting after for a long time but I'm not quite ready to pony up the $700 price tag. What I like about this one is the rustic quality of course, but also the sturdy yet openness of the design. The plans are pretty clear-cut and easier to follow than some I've seen. I'm really leaning towards this one.

This next one might be more of a side table, but it looks like you can adjust the measurements to the size you need. The bests part of this beauty is that the components were scrounged from found or existing neglected pieces - I love that!

Ahh, and then there's this one from the fantastic Ana White. If you haven't seen her website then you're really missing out. She has hundreds of plans - super easy to follow but also including a realistic expectation of skill level needed. Each plan includes a detailed cut list, tools and materials needed, very detailed instructions and photos of each step. She also has folks upload their own creations from her plans so you really get a sense of how it will look and various options your fellow DIY'ers have created. The darling man thinks I have a little chick crush on Ana White. You aren't hearing me deny it - her site is awesome.  

This next one doesn't come from a DIY site, but from Fixer Upper's own Clint Harp's online catalog. He's a master craftsman of course, and while this particular table - which I really love - obviously doesn't come with plans, I'm thinking I should be able to put together a project design to make this. It has a little more french country influence which I really love. I hesitate a bit because I would be taking on the added step of putting together a plan, but I'm pretty sure I can do it.

And then there's this one. I saw something like it in a model home about two years ago and actually took several photos of it then, embarrassing my sister who was with me at the time. I actually ordered solid steel legs like it from Etsy at the time and they have been sitting in my garage ever since. I've seen numerous ones in stores like this and they run from $400 - $600. As I mentioned, I do already have the legs....hmmm. This one also has no plans but should be fairly simple to figure out.

So those are the options I'm tossing around this Tuesday. What do you think? Would love to hear your feedback.

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