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Saturday Safety Tips for Working with Wood

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A week or so ago I ended up at the Urgent Care in town because, as it turned out, I had several tiny chips of wood in my right eye. I felt kind of ridiculous. "Hello doctor, it would seem there is something in my eye." "Sorry lady, but we've got actual sick people here to attend to!"

After applying a numbing agent to my eye (that was really weird) he was able to retrieve the little buggers - mostly. I left there with eye drops and an admonition to wear safety goggles when cutting wood and sanding.

DEWALT DPG82-11 Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety GoggleA few days later two pairs of really cool safety goggles arrived courtesy of the darling man who stated, "It would be nice if you didn't go blind." Some girls get diamonds, I get eyewear. He loves me. Need a pair? Just click on the picture to the right.

But you know, this incident started me thinking about safety overall. With so many DIY Ana White devotees out there I thought I would check out safety advice from the experts.

So slip on your safety goggles and check out these great tips!

Woodworkers Guild of America has some really helpful videos on tool safety, from miter saws to planers and joiners and other machinery. Annually, there are over 50,000 accidents due to unsafe use. Take a look and you can avoid becoming an emergency room statistic.

This article from About Home has basic tips geared for the DIYer starting with "Always wear safety equipment!" (I get it, I get it now!) But they also have recommendations such as avoiding distractions and even advice for clothing, which has me now wearing covered shoes rather than my normal choice of summer flip flops. has similar but equally constructive information.

Everybody's favorite, HGTV, has some invaluable guidance on electricity safety which is important if you have a garage or shop full of equipment. If you're like me you might have an unsafe octopus of cords stretching all over the place. If you want to plug in correctly check out their suggestions here.

And last, for those brave DIYers doing partial or full home renovation, Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers fame has some great tips for staying safe and keeping all body parts in one piece. And you know, who wouldn't want to watch Jonathan Scott? 

Have fun with your weekend projects but remember - safety first!

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