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10 Great Wooden Crate DIY Ideas

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Whenever I head into Michael's, I'm sorely tempted by those wooden crates that are stacked neatly at the door - usually on sale. They're even on the shelf at Home Depot now. I love them because they remind me of old fruit crates, minus the labels, that were a charmingly retro piece when I was younger. The trouble is, they look way too pristine as is with their spotless blond wood to have much character. They're just kind of boring, you know?

Since Pinterest always has great ideas for how to make new look old and beautiful I did some perusing and found literally dozens of designs made with these simple, inexpensive elements. I pulled together some of my favorites for us to try. Seriously, these are awesome!

Small dog in a wooden crateThis cute pet crate can be found at Home Frosting. Of course, the pup is adorable but the pet crate bed is even sweeter. While it's likely to work better for a small to medium dog, I'm guessing even a finicky cat might enjoy this rustic slumber bunk as well. And with something this stylized and comfy, you might luck out and find your pet napping somewhere other than the couch.

Someone was thinking out of the box to come up with this elegantly rustic coffee table. Furniture from crates? Sure, why not when it's this beautiful. Detailed and easy to follow instructions for this lovely can be found at myanythingandeverything, but this is just one of several that folks have put together. There are also a number of styles of these tables with industrial wheels attached. Wheels can be found all over Etsy. But for really cool vintage casters my favorite go-to is Caster Connection. They're are easy to install and come in a huge variety of styles and finishes. Give them a look see!

Julia at Calm Cradle put together this lovely bookshelf for a child's room, but it would be equally suitable for a rustic-styled home office. I love the simple white paint she used which keeps it fresh but screams vintage comfortable. Your design could include short wooden legs painted or stained and found at most hardware stores for cheap. Another style option I saw was pretty wallpaper glued to the slats in the back which added a pop of color and contrast. Super easy instructions here.

Morning by Morning solved the perpetual need for attractive bathroom storage with two crates and some lovely brackets. Gorgeous over the toilet and out of the way keeps frequently used items within easy reach. The great thing about these is the design can be easily modified to fit anything from a tiny apartment bathroom or a large master suite. Easy to follow directions are here. After I saw this, I realized I actually have a few of these brackets gathering dust in my garage. This is likely my very next project!

Someone really upped the ante with this terrific storage bench which would fit just about anywhere inside or outside your home. I would love this in the mudroom, perfect storage for dirty shoes and backpacks. But Operation Home shows this beauty front and center. greeting visitors at the door. The top shelf is a perfect place for plants or holiday decor. Her great crate challenge is where you can see detailed directions.

So adorable!  This rolling toy storage is perfect to keep toys handy and tucked away when not in use. Don't shake your head, it could happen! Personalized for your little one and painted to fit any room, what a perfect idea. When my son was a toddler, he would have used it as a fun vehicle to push around the house at top speed. The Babble site where I saw this is wonky - so no info, but seriously you don't need detailed instructions. Paint the crate, install the wheels and decorate as you like. Step back, have some coffee and pat yourself on the back. Easy - peasy!



Crafty Morning came up with these cute additions to your front porch autumn decor. In case you haven't heard, it's fall y'all!  Start with crates of different sizes for contrast and add branch stems which are sold in craft stores now, but you can probably find on the ground in your local park for free. This project would be a terrific one to do with your kids, and certainly less messy than getting pumpkin goop all over your clothes, the floor, the kitchen table (yes, we're messy folk). I would add outdoor lights inside the crates for a beautiful evening glow. Really easy, but be careful. Once you put these out, you may find all your neighbors will be asking you to make some for them too.

This is a really super cool idea which can be found at Apartment Therapy is awesome. It shows simple wooden crates fitted nicely into standard kitchen cabinet openings. Although, since we're probably not all designing a kitchen from scratch (I wish!), this idea works equally well if you have a door front that can be removed. Lightly stained crates (or painted - your choice) can be added to break up a long wall of solid cabinetry and give an otherwise plain kitchen some character with an understated farmhouse vibe. Fair warning - this is a wonderful site with hundreds of design and decorator photos. I kind of got lost there for a very, very long time. 

Here's a simple, yet beautifully functional bedside table (or sofa side table) made from a dark stained crate with purchased wrought iron legs attached. Simple storage at arms reach is perfect for small spaces. I could easily see a lamp and picture frame decorating this table. You can even use more crates attached together, either vertical or horizontal if space allows. I gotta be honest here though, I would actually go with four legs instead of the two shown. I have kids and a really big, not always careful dog and if there was anything breakable going on top of this baby, I would be constantly worried that it would hit the ground. We're a rambunctious lot here at my house. Get directions here.

And finally, although this particular charming item is home-made, it's probably one of my favorite uses for these crates.By using wood stain and maybe some cabinet hardware, you can build and customize your own, giving it a polished look. I always have throw pillows and blankets around our family room and this decorative statement piece is the perfect resting place for them when not in use. Want to try it? This step by step from thetaleofanuglyhouse is easy to follow. 

And there you have it- 10 great crate DIY possibilities. Which will you try?

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  • Shammy Peterson on

    It caught my attention when you said that you can create attractive bathroom storage with the use of wooden crates and some lovely brackets. With this in mind, I will consider shopping for wooden crates that I can also transform into storage units and boxes. We have a lot of items in the bathroom and living area that make the whole place lookmessy, so I want them to be stored in boxes. Thanks!

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